According to § 126, section 1, sentence 2 SGB V, contractual partners of the health insurance funds according to § 127, section 1, 2 and 3 SGB V can only be providers who meet requirements for a sufficient, appropriate and functional production, shipping and adaptation of the aids.

A pre qualification procedure serves to check the general suitability of the service providers for providing specific services on the basis of the requirements according to § 126, section 1, sentence 2 SGB V under consideration of the recommendations issued by the GKV umbrella organisation according to § 126, section 1, sentence 3 SGB V, and to issue a certificate (confirmation) for this.

Service providers of aids must generally be able to properly and professionally exercise their profession and meet the requirements of technical and personal suitability or performance as well as reliability. In addition, the necessary professional requirements (e.g. trade or craft law) must be observed.

About the pre qualification body of GZQ mbH

The GZQ mbH is a limited liability company and independent of any special interest groups. The company’s goals and modes of action are consistent with full impartiality and neutrality in pre qualification and certifications processes.

Our customers can rely on our employees dealing with all information with the appropriate restraint and confidentiality.

Our services are available to all interested parties, without restrictions, within the framework of our own scope of approval.

The economic independence of the PQS of GZQ mbH supports the independent, purely technically-oriented inspection of aids service providers meeting requirements.

Thanks to our accreditation by the German Accreditation Body DakkS GmbH and the Federal Agency for Labour, our auditors and experts have many years of experience in certification and assessments.

Impartiality, neutrality and confidentiality

If, due to statutory provisions or based on an accreditation procedure, certain information about the applicant and customer needs to be disclosed, the person in question will be notified about this in writing. In all other cases, consent for disclosure of relevant information is required.

The publication of an operation, the service area and the validity period of an issued confirmation or the disqualification by the umbrella organisation of the GKV, represents an exception. This exception rule can be viewed in the T&Cs.

Download PDF T&Cs of the PQS of GZQ mbH  (in German language)

Pre-qualification criteria
Download of PDF criteria catalogue GKV  (in German language)

Required certifications
Download PDF „Overview of required certifications"  (in German language)

Flow chart of the pre-qualification process
Download PDF „Flow chart of the pre-qualification process“  (in German language)

Charges for pre-qualification processes
Download PDF-file of Pricing of the PQS of GZQ mbH  (in German language)

Procedure for the review of negative decisions

The PQS of the GZQ mbH provides applicants the option of commenting prior to the rejection of the application, within an appropriate deadline. The reasons for rejection are disclosed.

We will gladly provide you with more information in personal discussion about the pre qualification procedure. The relevant request documents are available for download. Quickly and conveniently request your non-binding quotation here. 

Certification in 5 steps

1.Recording of the company data 2.Creation of quotation and contract (Certification Agreement) 3.Competent inspection at your company premises 4.Report 5.Issuing of certificate

As an accredited certification body our auditors are available to you for the entire certification process.