Environmental management

Certification according to the international standard ISO 14001 means preventative environmental protection. The systematic implementation of the relevant legislation and the establishment of an operational organisation with clear competencies and responsibilities as well as preventative emergency planning, achieves a higher legal security in the sense of environmental liability. A certified environmental management system demonstrates ecological responsible actions and is thus a significant contribution to the sustainability of a company. Defined process flows significantly support the achievement of environmental-relevant goals. A reduction in resource use and environmental pollution, increases your company’s perspectives in the long-term and thus the quality of life of future generations.

An environmental management system according to ISO 14001 offers many benefits for your company

  • Effective control of environmental protection
  • Reduced costs due to economical use of resources
  • Improving the company’s public image
  • Worldwide acceptance of the environmental management system
  • (Risk) management system with regard to organisational fault and environmental liability
  • Reduction of monitoring by authorities possible
  • Compatible, among others, with the structure of ISO 9001

Certification in 5 steps

1.Recording of the company data 2.Creation of quotation and contract (Certification Agreement) 3.Competent inspection at your company premises 4.Report 5.Issuing of certificate

As an accredited certification body our auditors are available to you for the entire certification process.