Waste disposal companies in compliance with the German Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG) play a central role in the waste management industry. Certified companies provide proof of compliance with the requirements of the Waste management company Act (EfbV) or the Waste disposal company joint-venture Act (EgRL) by undergoing regular inspections by technical monitoring organisations. We, at GZQ, are an officially recognised technical inspection organisation (TÜO) and have the technical expertise to issue acceptance of the EfbV requirements.

As a certified waste disposal company, businesses are able to provide the required proof of the highly qualified and reliable status in their waste disposal, as the statutory and economical responsibility of environmental-friendly and cost-efficient waste disposal is the responsibility of the company producing the waste. In addition to exemption from the waste transport permit and/or the permit for intermediary business transactions as well as the facilitation of the verification procedure, especially the securing of a high level of quality in waste disposal and the legal security for the customer, are the main benefits of a certified waste disposal company.

We recommend our company as a qualified and technical competent certification service with many years of experience with the Waste Disposal Act and its related laws and directives as well as the regulations and special provisions for waste disposal joint-ventures. GZQ is also authorised, within the framework of the Germany's End-of-life Vehicle Regulations with came into force on 21 June 2002, to perform inspections of scrap car recycling companies (reception/disposal points, dismantling companies, shredder plants and other systems for further treatment).

Certification in 5 steps

1.Recording of the company data 2.Creation of quotation and contract (Certification Agreement) 3.Competent inspection at your company premises 4.Report 5.Issuing of certificate

As an accredited certification body our auditors are available to you for the entire certification process.