The goal of AZAV is to improve the chances of integration of job seekers in the labour market and thus to sustainably guarantee the quality of the labour market measures. The basis for this is the certification of educational institutions according to AZAV (Approval of educational institutions and activities Act). According to this all service providers of labour market services require approval according to AZAV. This also requires educational measures, usually a relevant approval of measures according to AZAV. Together with the laws for modern labour market services, a procedure for the approval of educational institutes was introduced in the field of promotion of advanced training, according to the Social Security Code, Book Three. Accordingly, educational institutions and measures are approved by competent bodies. Therefore, an education voucher according to §§ 81, 82 SGB II or an activation and job placement slip according to § 45 SGB III can only be redeemed at an educational institution that is approved for the support measure and only for the approved professional advanced training measure. Prerequisite for the approval is, among other, that the educational institution has documented, efficiently applies and continuously improves the quality of a system for securing the quality of a systematic instrument for quality assurance and quality development.

This applies to the following areas:

  • Measures for the activation and professional integration according to § 45, paragraph 1, sentence 1, no. 1 to 5 SGB III
  • Exclusively success-based remunerated job placement into employment subject to social insurance contributions according to § 45, paragraph 4, sentence 3, no. 2 SGB III
  • Measures of vocational choice and apprenticeships according to the third section of the third chapter of SGB III
  • Measures of professional advanced training according to § 81 and 82 of the fourth section of the third chapter of SGB III
  • Transfers according to §§ 110 and 111 of SGB III
  • Measures pertaining to the inclusion of disabled persons in professional life according to the seventh section of the third chapter of SGB III

German federal average cost rates  (in German language)

§ 45 Activation and professional integration
§ 81 Professional advanced training

GZQ, as a recognised competent body, is an independent certification service provider without any structural links under corporate law to educational organisations or educational associations. This way we guarantee absolute confidentiality and impartiality within the framework of the approval process. Especially when it comes to submitting newly developed measures to the competent body, a high level of trust is essential.

We will gladly provide you with more information in a non-binding personal discussion about our approach in the approvals of measures and educational bodies according to AZAV.


Certification in 5 steps

1.Recording of the company data 2.Creation of quotation and contract (Certification Agreement) 3.Competent inspection at your company premises 4.Report 5.Issuing of certificate

As an accredited certification body our auditors are available to you for the entire certification process.